Saturday, August 28, 2010

blaus de Calella

blaus de Calella, originally uploaded by monica.osacar.

This photo has been taken in a little village named “Calella de Palafrugell” located in Girona on the “Costa Brava” which is the north coast of Catalonia (Spain). 

Here are some interesting things about this special place:

Brava means brave, fierce… due to the little beaches with rocks, trees and deeper and colder sea.

Calella is a beautiful fishing town which retains the old charm of villages of the area before the arrival of mass tourism. I use to go there every summer to relax. It’s a perfect place to disconnect from city daily life.

And it is also “famous” because every summer they celebrate a music festival called “Festival Jardins de Cap Roig” ( with artists from around the world and also an annual meeting of “habaneras” which are typical catalan songs sung by fishermen (the name comes from Habana when our forefathers went to Cuba).

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