Friday, November 4, 2011

Gratitude Day 4: weather

Gratitude Day 4: weather by expectant1
Gratitude Day 4: weather, a photo by expectant1 on Flickr.

I am grateful for weather - changes in atmosphere - in life, and in the climate. I am grateful for rainy days, that make me hunker down with the ones I love, and pay more attention to the things that mean the most. I love the way the sky looks - all dramatic and full of different lines and light. It's the same way in life - the hard days / seasons of life I can honestly say as I am as grateful for as I am the blue sky happy days. I am grateful for a family to cuddle up with. I am grateful for long conversations over the phone with my man, when he sounds all alive and excited about life. I am grateful for encouragement from friends that get you - and giggling cold in football stadiums and over the phone. I am grateful that this is the view that I get when I am dropping my kids off at school - big sky and little mountains, and perfect faces that say "I love you mom" in high and newly-low voices as they are jumping out of the car. I am grateful that I get to be really involved in my kids' schools, and lives.



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