Saturday, June 9, 2007

Once in a Blue Moon

This photo has got at least 4 awards in the My Favorite Blue Award Flickr group!

Once in a Blue Moon, originally uploaded by Kalamakia.

Apparently the full moon of May 31 is really a blue moon. However, a "blue moon" occurs when there is a second full moon in the same month, which happened in May 2007.

This picture was taken just after sunset. The full moon was out but was not directly over the city as in this image. So...I combined one shot of the full moon with a shot of the city and gave the picture an overall blue tint in PS :o) by: Kalamakia

This is a really nice video, the song is great to, its called once in a blue moon, This video doesnt follow a specific storie line. But its great. by: alan888


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